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Product line

Wave high-quality goods with mass-market brands “Wave(EBOHR)”,Women's jewelry watch brands“Connor(KANA)”,Men's complex mechanical machine heart watch brands “Yu fly”Such as multiple watch brands。

  • Wave formEBOHR,Wave is the main brand and brand of the masses,With classic、Modern、The leisure more style series such as rich product line。

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  • Is derived from the fusion of jewelry processing and wrist watch manufacturing,Knead the west and the east、Elegant and fashionable、The expression and the intrinsic beauty of artistic inspiration。

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  • Yu flyECThe design style of its own,The heavy and complicated structure appearance,With a complex mechanical machine,Has a strong sense of time。

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Wrist Watch

Wrist watch series

Wave fall in love to deduce the grand aspirations of modern Chinese business,Let every piece of wave table has a culture、With emotion,There is life。



The wave of the world

Passing by20Decades of rapid development,Wave boutique in enterprise culture construction、Fine art tabulation technology pursuit、Actively fulfill the social responsibility, etc,Grew and grew,Won many awards。By the end of2018Years,The brand value111.95One hundred million yuan。

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    Wave direction32A covering mainland China wholly owned subsidiaries,3000More than sales terminal outlets and after-sales service network established in provincial cities。

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